4 Elements of Memoir Production

memoir publishingCongratulations on taking the first steps to begin your memoir!  These lasting books provide excellent gifts, a way to promote your business, capture cherished memories, or share what you’ve learned and wish to impart to your readers. We are here to help you get started on one of the most valuable experiences you’ll ever have. We’ve taken a moment to provide you a brief overview of what steps we’ll walk you through as your proceed, from start to finish!

Any book, memoir, commercial, trade, etc. has the following elements associated with its production:

  1. Cover Design – We will work with you to create two professional and pleasing cover designs and you can choose the one you like best. We like hard cover because the feel is better than soft cover. Plus, hard cover has a longer “shelf life.” The hard cover format ensures a product that retains its look and quality for a lifetime.
  2. Text – The text file is checked for formatting to make sure it is a “normal” file. We review files for special characters, inadvertent mark-ups, typos and any other issue that could potentially detract from a professionally polished final product.
  3. Editing – Even though most memoir books are not designed for commercial sales, we feel that the book should be looked at by an editor. We retain your ‘voice’ while ensuring that the text is professionally grammatical and error-free. This is a strongly recommended and affordable option.
  4. Images — This is where we need you to guide us with regard to what you want. For examples of “Good – Better – Best,” go to our “images” site page. What is the look and ‘feel’ of your memoir.

Ready to proceed? Let’s get started!