memoir publishing imagesPictures tell a thousands words and the images you include in your memoir may capture thousands of memories and in depth content. You don’t want to leave them out! You also want the images to look their absolute best on the page – whether that page is paper or e-book. There are software programs that can enhance any image. There are also design elements to structure a page and images so they flow and complement each other. Let us help you create an enhanced page with some guidance, below. Our editors are experts at layout, design and production so you and your photos will look the best.

Printing options generally categorized as “good, better, or best.”

“Good” – This is the standard way most people put pictures into a book.  It is not necessary to have text with each picture, but it does make it nice for people that just like looking at the pictures while flipping through the book.  In general, to simply place the images it is about $5/image.


good “Better” – In this image, you can see that the pictures have a nice border and have text under the picture. A border prevents a photo or image from “bleeding” onto a page. It ensures that even white or dark backgrounds stand apart from the rest of the page. A thin or prominent border helps a reader distinguish images from one another by placing them in their own discreet frame.  This is arranged in a very simple “four on a page.” This requires a bit of extra work, so the price goes to about $7 per image.


“Best” – In this example, you can see that the pictures were given a nice border, placed on a page that has a “scrapbook” style coloration, and there is a nice “drop shadow” under the images.  This goes to about $12/image.