memoirsWriting a memoir can be one of the greatest life achievements you’ll ever enjoy. It’s an opportunity to share your ideas and life lessons. Your knowledge and wisdom can help others grow along with you. Or, capture the memories of certain chapters in your own personal history.

Why memoirs are popular.

Memoirs are frequently used to capture the remembrances of our parents and loved ones. When you create the gift of publishing their memoir, it is one of the most significant gestures you can ever give to a parent or grandparent. It is a loving way to capture the richness of their own generation.

A memoir serves as a method of imprinting significant chapters in your life to share with your readers. The memoir can be a loving gift, a business asset, or simply a personal goal that provides tangible results that you forever keep as a tremendous achievement.

Help is available.

You don’t have to be an expert author to create a compelling and informative story line. You don’t even have to know proper spelling and grammar. (You can hire that help if needed).

As you envision your memoir, also consider your audience. Is this to be shared mostly with family and friends? Or, a business story with suggestions and tips to succeed based on your own life lessons. A memoir is something that is designed by you, for others to enjoy. Yours might contain dozens of family or event photos. Others make use of graphs and instructional advice. All formats, hard cover, soft cover and e-book provide excellent platforms for self-expression and many authors merge all options to tailor to a reader’s preference.

If you haven’t started yet, a great way to begin is with an outline. Use bullet points for key elements you want to include. Find your “inner voice.” Telling your story out loud may help you hear how you speak. Then, strive to capture that tone in your notes. It’s that inner voice that we all hear about our real thoughts and impressions. Not just the ones we speak out loud.

If your book is over halfway completed, please get in touch with us and we can provide you with direction and guidance to finish the book and put it into the hands of the people that you want to reach.