eBookReadersWhile print remains the foundation of American’s reading habits, e-books are gaining in popularity. Almost half of all readers under age 30 read an e-book in the last year. An e-book goes with you, no matter where you travel. Plus, memoirs are proving to be one of the most popular genres with e-book readers. This is a great way to reach out to your family, friends and associates using a platform to complement either your hard or soft cover editions.

Now that you have created your memoir, there is a way to let others access your title on line, through the creation of an E-book. It is relatively simple procedure for our editorial team to reformat the printed book and make a quality E-book that can be shared world-wide. You’ll be able to share your memoir on line as a download, by email, social media link or, even add to your own web site pages. You’ll own all access rights for being able to promote and share the memoir across a multitude of platforms.

A HUGE PLUS:  There are no printing cost associated with an e-book. Depending on your decisions with images, the entire production cost of the e-book usually is about $500 for a one time set up to reformat the printed book and make a quality e-book with high resolution images and professional click and turn pages.