familyWhether you are a novice writer or expert author, there are important consideration for your text – and that goes beyond just the words on the page! Below are 3 primary considerations for your book, whether you just started or have written quite a few pages. Editorial direction refines a memoir so everyone can enjoy it over and over again.

As Your Publisher, Memoir-Publishing Offers you the Following Key Services:

  1. Text – Let us examine the text file. It will be checked for formatting to make sure it is a “normal” file. We review files for special characters, inadvertent mark-ups, typos and any other issue that could potentially detract from a professionally polished final product.
  2. Editing – Most memoir books are not designed for commercial sales, but  we strongly suggest that the book should be looked at by an editor. We retain your ‘voice’ while ensuring that the text is grammatically correct and error-free. This is a recommended and affordable option.
  3. One important note: Text and images are closely tied together. The copy enhances the images and vice versa. Some authors prefer to keep all images at the end of the book while other integrate throughout the pages. There is also the option of putting images together in the center pages. Usually, most memoirs integrate images throughout the book. Today’s readers are used to scanning shorter paragraphs of text. Images are one way to break up the content and make a page more inviting to viewers.

Why Text and Images Determine Your Choice Between Color or
Black and White Pages

Speaking of images and text, will you have a color interior or black and white interior pages?

A good way to decide whether there is a distinct advantage between the two options is to consider the use of images. If you plan to include many pictures, graphics and creative elements such as borders and font choices, then color is most likely the best option for you.

Black and white paged memoirs tend to be more heavily text-based. There are fewer images, less creative flourishes, and the content is more likely for instructional life stories. Black and white is also a match for images that are intended to convey a particular era for your memoir. For example, before color photographs were available or for books that make use of simple graphics and line art.

Good to know:  Keep in mind that if you want even just one color page, the whole memoir is priced as a color book. That’s because the initial ink set-up and color separation process is what adds to the over-all cost. For that reason, if you decide to use color, it is a good idea to make optimal use of it. Our editors and designers can provide advice and direction on color placement and choices.